Check out all PhD and Msc thesisses published in the context of BELAIR.


  • Crop load monitoring in apple orchards through UAVs:a feasibility study
Yasmin Vanbrabant MSc KULeuven September 2016  promotor: Laurent Tits,
co-promotor: Ben Somers
  • Estimation du contenu en chlorophylle chez la pomme de terre par télédétection hyperspectrale aéroportée
Marie Mestdagh MSc UCL September 2016 promotors: Defourny Pierre and Curnel Yannick
  • De integratie van drone, vliegtuig- en satellietobservaties voor het opvolgen van fruitboomgaarden
Pieters Catheline MSc KULeuven June 2017 promotor: Ben Somers
co-promotor Laurent Tits
  • Etude des potentialités des indices basés sur la concentration en composés phénologiques des feuilles pour l'évaluation du status azoté de la culture de pomme de terre
F. Ben Abdallah PhD ULg   promotor: Jean Pierre Goffart
Cindy Delloye PhD UCL   promotor: Pierre Defourny


  • Interpretation of a hyperspectral image of the IJzermonding and change detection analysis
Ian Verelst MSc KULeuven Juni 2015 promotor: Jaak Monbaliu
  • Exploring spectroscopy as a method for the quantification
Camille Christiansen MSc KULeuven September 2015 promotors: Ben Somers
co-promotor: Jeroen Vandenborre (INBO)
  • Ontwikkelen van een Remote Sensing gebaseerd monitoringsysteem voor beschermde grasland- en heidegebieden in Vlaanderen
Medart Sam MSc KULeuven June 2017 promotor: Ben Somers
co-promotor: Stien Heremans (INBO)


  • Vegetation Parameterization in Urban Catchments Using Remote Sensing
Kahn MSc VUB 2014  promotors: Boud Verbeiren & Ann van Griensven
  • Impact of resolution on urban hydrological response simulation
Nahad Helmi MSc VUB 2015 promotors: Boud Verbeiren and Ann van Griensven
  • Hyperspectral analysis of surface materials for water balance estimation in urbanized areas. A case study on the Brussels Capital Region
Wouter Vermeyen MSc VUB September 2015 promotor: Frank Canters
co-promotor: Boud Verbeiren, Department of Geography, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Mapping impervious surface cover from hyperspectral imagery using per-pixel and sub-pixel classification approaches: impact on water balance estimation
Luca Demarchi PhD VUB March 2015 promotors: Frank Canters and Jonathan Cheung-Wai Chan
co-promotor: Okke Batelaan, Cartography and GIS Research Group, Vrije Universiteit Brussel 
  • Characterizing urban green and its functional properties using hyperspectral airborne sensors
William Oulette MSc KULeuven June 2015 promotor Ben Somers
co-promotor Martin Hermy
  • Mapping urban green through the combined use of LiDAR and hyperspectral airborne sensors
Adrien Compère MSc KULeuven February 2017 promotor Ben Somers
co-promotor Martin Hermy
  • Characterizing urban trees through hyperspectral and LIDAR data
Enyo Vanmontfort MSc KULeuven February 2017 promotor Jos Van Orshoven
co-promotor Frank Canters (VUB) and Ben Somers
  • Hydrological Urban Ecosystem Analysis supported by Remote Sensing
Charlotte Wirion PhD VUB 2018 promotors: Boud Verbeiren and Willy Bauwens
  • Assessing the impact of urbanization on heat and water regulation through integration of remote sensing, hydrological-climatological modelling and agent-based simulation of urban growth
Frederik Priem PhD VUB 2018 promotor: Frank Canters, Cartography and GIS Research Group, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Urban land-cover fraction estimation using machine learning based unmixing approaches and synthetic mixing of training data: a case study on Brussels
Eline Smets MSc VUB January 2018 promotor: Frank Canters, Department of Geography, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Modelling the hydrological response of urban vegetation
Vincent Smets PhD KULeuven 2019 promotor Ben Somers
co-promotor Boud Verbeiren