BELAIR offers data supporting the development of Belgian test sites.


Use the BELAIR data portal to access the data you need. BELAIR offers:

  • Satellite remote sensing data
  • Airborne remote sensing data
    • instrument / aircraft : hyperspectral (APEX)
    • instrument / UAV : RGB, multispectral, hyperspectral, thermal
  • In situ data : intercompared ASD’s, sunphotometers and other instruments depending on the ground teams formed by the consortia's research



Download BELAIR data via the geoportal. This portal is used by the data providers to fill the catalogue of available data sets in all kinds of formats, it also shows interested users which data are available to download (non-APEX data sets).

FTP server

The airborne data are processed by VITO and delivered to the team members through the BELAIR FTP server shortly after the acquisitions.


The Product Distribution Portal is used to distribute open APEX data sets. 


The data are centralized on VITO storage and become available according to a timing scheme:

  • 2 years after delivery of the APEX data all BELAIR data are available to the entire international Scientific Community at the conditions of mentioning “The research pertaining to these results received financial aid by the Belgian Science Policy Office in the frame of the STEREO programme” or as specifically mentioned for the data set.
  • All Remote Sensing (RS) data are immediately and free-of-charge available to all participating Users. In-situ field data available upon request to the owner of the data, i.e. to the lab which actually acquired the field data.